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Creating The Beauti Loft has been such an amazing experience for me. Doing what I love, in a place I love, with the most AMAZING clients is truly a dream come true. My work is detailed in professional makeup application where I apply and teach lessons at my studio, but travel all across the east coast and more for my work. I supply a large range of facials to meet all my clients skincare and relaxation needs, as well as organic spray tans.

I can’t wait to keep learning, growing, and evolving with this industry and my clients. This journey has brought me nothing but happiness and peace.

Rikki Feerrar


I have always been fascinated with healthcare and beauty.  As early as age 6, my main focus was creating a “spa” located in my parents living room where I used all my moms lotions and makeup to give the best services to my “clients”.  As time went on I continued to become more passionate about these topics.  I was the girl who always had lip gloss, face lotion, mascara etc. with me wherever I went, and I even started my first makeup gig for weddings in middle school! This hobby was something that brought me happiness and allowed me to share experiences with my sister and mother whom are as equally interested in these topics.

When it came time to choose a career for myself, it was a no brainer that this would be a perfect fit. At age 22 I opened up my first loft and started the adventure of owning my own business. I then became a licensed esthetician and started incorporating my skills into what I do now.

This job allows me to connect with people, express my creativity, and reflect everything I’m truly passionate about. Everything I do feels so perfect for me and familiar, because it’s something I’ve been engrossed in my whole life.

I can’t wait to continue to grow with this industry and with my clients.

About Rikki



Meet your ultimate facial + relaxation needs. My signature facials cover everything you need for glowing skin and stress relief. Your skin will want to hug you after these services.


Whether you’re celebrating one of the most important days of your life, want a fun night out with your girls, or are looking to dive deeper into learning more about the best application techniques + products, my makeup services cover it all!


Do you want to look beachy + sun kissed all year round without the harmful effects of constant sun exposure? My spray tan is perfect. A natural, organic formula to have you glowing all year round.